This Standard applies to all entities that elect to apply Tier 2: Australian Accounting Standards – Simplified Disclosures under AASB 1053, including those that present consolidated financial statements in accordance with AASB 10 Consolidated Financial Statements and those that present separate financial statements in accordance with AASB 127 Separate Financial Statements. However, this Standard does not apply to the structure and content of condensed interim financial statements prepared in accordance with AASB 134 Interim Financial Reporting.


Entities applying this Standard are required to apply all the recognition and measurement requirements in Australian Accounting Standards[1] and apply this Standard in relation to disclosure requirements only.


The term ‘Australian Accounting Standards’ refers to Standards (including Interpretations) made by the AASB that apply to any reporting period beginning on or after 1 January 2005. In this context, the term encompasses Australian Accounting Standards – Simplified Disclosures, which some entities are permitted to apply in accordance with AASB 1053 Application of Tiers of Australian Accounting Standards in preparing general purpose financial statements.


This Standard uses terminology that is suitable for profit-oriented entities, including public sector business entities. If entities with not-for-profit activities in the private sector or the public sector apply this Standard, they may need to amend the descriptions used for particular line items in the financial statements and for the financial statements themselves.


Similarly, entities that do not have equity as defined in AASB 132 Financial Instruments: Presentation (eg some mutual funds) and entities whose share capital is not equity (eg some co-operative entities) may need to adapt the financial statement presentation of members’ or unitholders’ interests.


AusCF paragraphs and footnotes included in this Standard apply only to:

(a) not-for-profit entities; and

(b) for-profit entities that are not applying the Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting (as identified in AASB 1048 Interpretation of Standards).

Such entities are referred to as ‘AusCF entities’. For AusCF entities, the term ‘reporting entity’ is defined in AASB 1057 Application of Australian Accounting Standards and Statement of Accounting Concepts SAC 1 Definition of the Reporting Entity also applies. For-profit entities applying the Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting (as set out in paragraph Aus1.1 of the Conceptual Framework) shall not apply AusCF paragraphs or footnotes.