Appendix A -- Comparison of AASB 1052 with AASs 27 and 29

This Appendix accompanies, but is not part of, AASB 1052.

This Standard reproduces the material relating to disaggregated disclosures contained in AAS 27 and AAS 29, except that:

(a) Appendix 1 to AAS 27 contained an illustrative example of the disclosures required in respect of the broad functions/activities of a local government. This Standard does not provide an illustration;

(b) AAS 29 (paragraph 12.7.2) encouraged a government department to disclose the assets deployed and liabilities incurred that are reliably attributable to each of its activities. This Standard (paragraph 16) requires such disclosure; and

(c) this Standard (paragraph 21) notes that its principles are used in satisfying the requirement in AASB 1050 Administered Items to disclose administered income and expenses attributable to a government department’s activities. AASs 27 and 29 contained no such reference.

The following table provides source references to paragraphs 11–21 of this Standard, most of which were derived from AASs 27 and 29. It is provided to facilitate an understanding of, and assist in the application of, the requirements in this Standard.

Paragraph in AASB 1052

Relevant source paragraphs in AASs 27 & 29


86–89 of AAS 27


12.7–12.7.4 of AAS 29


New paragraph